Happy 46th Birthday to Kurt Cobain!

On February 20th 2013 he would have been 46. He is so missed by his millions of fans around the world.
How would Kurt Cobain have celebrated his 46th Birthday?

Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain - Celebrating a birthday with a silly hat on
Around this time last year, I posted on this website several ideas for celebrating Kurt Cobain’s 45th Birthday. Just a few suggestions I picked up from some of his fans.
But this year, Kurt Cobains 46th Birthday, I have several suggestions for how Kurt might like to celebrate his Birthday based on several of the odd things he enjoyed doing. He did have a lot of strange habits you know.
So, today I’m going to reveal to you some of the strange things he like to do and what he might have enjyed doing on his Birthday. You may be surprised by some of these little known, quirky things he liked to do, so here goes.
7 ways Kurt Cobain might have enjoyed spending his 46th Birthday:
1. In the beginning, he insisted that Nirvanna practice 5 nights a week. So would it be surprising to discover him practicing on his Birthday?
2. Of course, most of us know about his imaginary fried, Boddah, so we shouldn’t be surprised to find him accompanied by this friend of his on his Birthday.
3. Kurt started smoking pot while a teenager (who didn’t) so expect him to have a little pot around on his Birthday.
4. In his free time, Kurt Cobain liked to buy big hunks of meat from the grocery store, and then go out into the woods and shoot at them with a variety of guns. Hey, what a great way to spend your Birthday!

5. It is said that Kurt Cobain would sometimes get moody and sit in a corner for 45 minutes without saying a word. He might be inclined to do this on his 46th Birthday.
6. Kurt often watched television late into the night. Since I can’t picture Kurt spending his Birthday in some fancy French restuarant, you might catch him in front of his TV.
7. Cobain recorded his first songs in December 1982 at his Aunt Mari’s house. They involved a guitar, bass, and spoons banged against a suitcase. Cobain titled the recordings “Organized Confusion.” So would it be that strange to find him on his Birthday in some out-of-the-way place recording his latest song?
P.S. But the most important thing he would want to do would be spending time with his daugher, Frances Bean Cobain!
Remember, Kurt Cobain’s Birthday is on the 20th! Find out more on this page:


Happy Birthday Frances Bean! Frances Bean Cobain Comes of Age – Turns 18!

Frances Bean Cobain Turns 18

Frances Bean Cobain Turns 18

August 18, 2010:

Frances Bean Cobain, the only child of the first couple of Grunge, Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain and Hole’s Courtney Love Cobain, turned 18 years old on August 18th.

It’s a major milestone in any teenager’s life, but for Frances, it’s a whole lot more…

She’s the sole beneficiary of a trust fund that was set up after her father’s death in 1994.  So on her 18th birthday she took control of that large multi-million dollar inheritance!

Frances Bean has kept a relatively low profile for much of her life, despite her parents being two of the biggest rock stars of all time. She is fiercely private, and those who surround her act as her armor.

Please join me on my Kurt Cobain News website for the rest on Frances Bean Cobain…


Today, February 20th is Kurt Cobain’s Birthday!

It would have been Kurt Cobain's 43rd birthday

It would have been Kurt Cobain's 43rd birthday

It’s February 20, 2010 and today may have been Kurt Cobain’s 43rd birthday if it hadn’t been for someone close to him!

Now I realize this may sound a little brash or even shocking to most of my readers, most of whom, like myself fell for all the news stories of his suicide.

But this was probably the most fumbled or covered up homicide investigation ever! Actually it wasn’t even an investigation, it was declared a suicide before the police even arrived on the scene! Seems hard to believe, right? But there’s more…

How many people commit suicide with a very high and very fatal dose of heroin and then neatly put away the drug paraphernalia taking care to wipe clean the fingerprints?

Then, after this fatal dose of heroin, is able to finish himself off with a shotgun blast and once again, carefully remove fingerprints, this time from the shotgun?

OK, there are a lot of questions that have never been answered.

It’s not my objective here to place blame on anyone. But they always say in any murder investigation to “follow the money.” Who would have gained the most from Kurt Cobain’s death? No, couldn’t be her. After all haven’t we all heard on the news about that happy couple, Kurt and Courtney?

They didn’t tell you that Kurt’s lawyer was working on divorce papers and this lawyer had prepared a new will (just waiting for his signature) that would have cut out Courtney? And that since the couple had signed pre-nups, Courtney wouldn’t get much in the divorce.

Of course, Kurt Cobain had drug problems, but it seemed like he was just beginning to turn his life around and making many plans for his life without Courtney.

Maybe Courtney had nothing to do with Kurt’s demise, but she was sure anxious to get rid of all the evidence. She had his body cremated in a day or so, the blood-soaked shirt Kurt was wearing, she made sure she got back immediately, so she could wear it!

No, it had to be a suicide, after all wasn’t there a suicide note written by Kurt? Yes there was a note in Kurt’s signature, some have said that this was actually a note he was working on to his fans, because he was dropping out of that part of the music business he had been in  and moving to New York.

It’s interesting that there was a an addition to this suicide note that spelled out in more detail that he was ending it all. And very Interesting though that this addition to the note wasn’t even in Kurt’s handwriting and didn’t match the rest of the note! And there was good information that Courtney had in her possession a sheet of paper that was a practice sheet for what was written on that suspicious addition to the “suicide” note!

Care to look over some of this evidence for yourself?

Photos and news stories on KURT COBAIN’S death…

How did KURT COBAIN really die? Do these photos tell the whole story?

Here’s some photos of KURT COBAIN’S HOUSE in Seattle, including shots of the room over the garage where Kurt died:

Frances Bean Cobain to sing in ‘My Space’

You knew it had to happen soon, that it was only a matter of time before Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, made her musical debut. Turns out that time will be in March, yes, next month!
How could Frances Bean not sing? That beautiful offspring of Nirvana and Hole recording fame? She must have so much talent that’s been hidden away all these years.
Read the whole story of Frances Bean Cobain and see the pictures and maybe even check out some of the 48 pages of great Kurt Cobain info, facts and photos…

Frances Bean Cobain to sing in 'My Space'

Frances Bean Cobain to sing in 'My Space'

“Courtney Love Loses Custody Of Daughter Frances Bean Cobain!”

“Custody of Frances Bean Cobain is granted to her grandmother and the late Kurt Cobain’s aunt.”


Courtney Love Loses Custody of Frances Bean Cobain

“Courtney Love has lost legal guardianship of Frances Bean Cobain, the 17-year-old daughter she had with late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.”

I’m sure you were as shocked as I was when this news came blaring out across all the media.

Not necessarily shocking that Courtney Love was once again in the news. She has a knack for getting publicity as she has now become a laughing matter and a butt of so many jokes. Sadly, she probably thinks she is impressing and informing the public with her rants and ravings.

Guess she deserves a bit of credit for being able to turn on her computer in her condition.

But what really needs our attention in this situation is poor Frances Bean Cobain! For Frances to go through this legal tactic with only 6 months to go before reaching 18, something terribly serious must be going on. Because this isn’t something you do without realizing that the terrible wrath of Courtney Love will fall upon your head!

Since the news media really didn’t give us any clues about what was behind this, we’ll just have to try to put some pieces together on our own. While I try to come up with some ideas on my own, go take a look at the Kurt Cobain News website and read this news report. You say you’ve already read the news stories? We’ll go there anyway and take a look at some interesting pictures of Frances Bean and Courtney Love…


Kurt Cobain’s body discovered 15 years ago!

15 years ago the music died, do you know what really happened to Kurt Cobain?

15 years ago the music died, do you know what really happened to Kurt Cobain?

On April 8th it will have been 15 years. While I feel that it is better to remember Kurt Cobain for his talent and what his Nirvana music has meant to a whole generation, we are devoting several pages of our Kurt Cobain News website to his death.

You will find what I believe to be the real truth of what happened to Kurt Cobain 15 years ago. Find copies of Kurt Cobain’s Death Certificate, newspaper reports, photos and diagrams of the crime scene and mush more at: http://www.kurtcobainnews.com/Death-Kurt-Cobain.html

And more Kurt Cobain crime scene photos at: http://www.kurtcobainnews.com/kurt-cobain-crime-scene-photos.html

Plus you will find a tribute to Kurt Cobain at: http://www.kurtcobainnews.com/15-years-after-death-of-Kurt-Cobain.html

Of course there is more to my website than his death. There are 20 more pages stuffed full of information and hard-to-find photos of Nirvana http://www.kurtcobainnews.com/Kurt-Cobain-Nirvana-Concert-Photos.html and even page after page of great revealing pictures Frances Bean Cobain, take a look: http://www.kurtcobainnews.com/Frances-Bean-Cobain-Adult-Photos.html

Thanks for letting me share my interest in Kurt Cobain and Nirvana with you.

Editor of Kurt Cobain News

15 Years since the Death of the NIRVANA Seattle Grunge Rocker, KURT COBAIN…

Can you believe it? Today is April 5. Fifteen years have passed already since the untimely death of Kurt Cobain!

Even if you weren’t a fan of Kurt Cobain, you have to admit that it was a terrible loss. And even after 15 years, his popularity continues to be strong.

My reason for writing this today is to let you know about our Kurt Cobain website, www.kurtcobainnews.com

We created this website just several months ago to give a fresh insight to everything Kurt Cobain and Nirvana as well as everything you want to know about Frances Bean Cobain and Courtney Love.

I’m hoping you will take a look at out Kurt Cobain Tribute Page at:

And a great article at:

Plus I’m sure you’ll enjoy some of the great photos of Frances Bean Cobain at:

And even some photos of Frances Bean Cobain as a baby is shown with her father, Kurt Cobain. You can see these at:

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully you will get a chance to check out our Kurt Cobain website.

Gil Carlson

April 5, 15 years after the death of Kurt Cobain

April 5, 15 years after the death of Kurt Cobain